Commercial stone

We offer a wide range of natural stones and products and are confident that we will have something to suit your hard-landscaping requirements. Our range of stones lend themselves to a wide range of applications which will ensure your project will be achievable.


Paving can be manufactured to any size and thickness although the most common sizes tend to be; 38mm, 50mm, 63mm and 75mm. Paving is supplied with a diamond sawn finish although we also offer a honed or scabbled finish. As well as what we refer to as standard paving we can manufacture blister, corduroy and lozenge paving.


By adding setts to a predominantly paved scheme can really transform a project. Setts can be produced in all sizes and tend to be either sawn, tumbled or cropped.


Steps, Kerbs, Copings and Planters are just a few items we can offer to complete your natural stone project.